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Salberg's 'Catch' makes news on Yahoo! Sports

Catch for the ages: Derrick Salberg gains instant fame with one giant leap over an outfield fence

By Jeff Passan | Yahoo! Sports

It doesn't have to happen in the major leagues. We forget that sometimes. Greatness can unfold in Little League games with obnoxiously manicured turf, in pickup ball on drab sandlots that spit out dust devils, in remote villages that use goat fields because they have to or even, as it did Friday when a kid named Derrick Salberg made the best catch ever, in front of 643 people on a field with a 4-foot-tall outfield fence.

  Salberg goes airborne. (Courtesy of The Daily News)

There was something utterly gorgeous about what Salberg did. Much of it indeed was the aesthetics of the catch. Baseball, a game of straight-line running, rarely offers situations in which the human form can put itself on display. When a fly ball rocketed toward Salberg in left field, he started to run, 10 desperate steps, until he reached the comically low fence at Lower Columbia College's home park in Longview, Wash. Then it happened: his legs springing and his right arm extending like he was Inspector Gadget, his hand squeezing the ball so improbably, his entire body clearing the fence, all 165 pounds of him crashing down with multiple Gs of force, head over heels, literally and figuratively, and in love with what just happened.

Because it wasn't just the fact that Salberg had made the best catch ever, something he couldn't realize until he saw the video of it and put a visual to how it felt. Nor was it that this catch came in the ninth inning with two outs and the tying run at the plate in a 4-2 game, clutch of clutch, robbing a kid named Keone Kela of his dream fulfilled.

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