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Clark's Sean Price makes a return to the game

Excerpt from The Columbian
By Candace Buckner

When the Penguins retreat to the locker room for halftime, Price drips sweat and reaches for a tiny cup of water, needing a break after hitting 50 percent of his shots. Clark owns the 21-point advantage and he leads the team in scoring, but Price is hardly happy.
"Damn!" he closes his eyes and shouts. "I should've hit that (expletive) corner one! I thought it was money!"
Price then coughs in way that makes you feel sorry for his lungs, so he chugs more water. But not even a sip from the freshest springs could cure that cough.
When he's back home, Teresa Price discerns how he's still struggling with a two-month long sickness "I don't know if the coach knows how it was affecting him," Teresa says but Price will keep popping vitamins and pressing on.
He's had enough setbacks, now he pretends they don't exist. So Price didn't even tell his coaches about the abdominal strain he suffered before the season.
"I kept that on the quiet because I wanted to play so bad," Price says. "I didn't want anybody to know, so I fought through."
Clark will prevail in the game and get that magical sixth win. The team moves closer to making the playoffs.
Also, Price's individual success has sparked a new batch of intrigue. Price will be too old to play NCAA Division I basketball, but he is getting interest from several D-II programs. He's had so much practice talking to coaches and explaining why he's a 25-year-old college basketball player that Price can wrap up the last seven years of his life in four minutes flat.

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