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Clackamas' JC Cook signs with Central Washington Basketball

Cook Signs With Central Washington University

April 16, 2009

Oregon City, Ore. - JC Cook, the Cougars' 6' 1" sophomore guard, has signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Central Washington University.

Cook, from Canby, led the 2009 Cougar team to an NWAACC championship, an all time best 29-3 record, and a Southern Region (13-1) title as well. He was also named the Southern Region MVP and on the NWAACC all tournament team.

In 2008, he was selected to the Southern Region 1st team while helping his team to a 2nd place finish in the region. As a freshman, he was one of the top scorers in the NWAACC, averaging 21.7 ppg, then backed it up by averaging 19.1 ppg as a sophomore. He also finished among the NWAACC leaders in steals and assists both seasons.

Said Coach Wegner: "JC is one of the most exciting and explosive players to ever play at CCC. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching him and watching him play. He lays it out on the line every game; he is a warrior. He has always played like a champion for us; I was thrilled for him and his team mates this season because that championship is forever. Hopefully, he will be able to help take Central to a title as well. It's a great scholarship, covering all his education and costs. He deserves it; he's worked really hard in the gym, the classroom, and the weight room to get there. They are getting a great player who is also a great kid. He will be missed here; that's for sure. The entire Cougar family and community wishes him well and looks forward to watching him continue his playing career."

Cook was actively recruited by more than 20 Division I and Division II schools.

At Central, he joins a program that has been one of the top Division II schools on the west coast. The Wildcats have a consistently proud competitive tradition of excellence that dates back 50 seasons. They have also finished 2nd in the conference each of the past two seasons and have qualified for the Western Regionals in three for the last four years.

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