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28-year-old Clark freshman is mom, model and basketball player

The Columbian | Clark College basketball player Tanya Martin sits with her husband Eugene Martin, right, and daughter Jaydia, 9, and nephew Michael Chavez, 16, to whom the Martins serve as his legal guardian. On the side, Tanya Martin works as a model for Nike's sports fashion gear.

By Paul Valencia, The Columbian

Time. We are all tied to time. Somehow, some way.

We complain that there's never enough of it. We wonder where it went, gone, never to return.

Tanya Martin has defeated time. She scoffs at its attempt to slow her down. She is too busy with her life.

Basketball season is over now for the Clark College women's team. The Penguins just finished a successful season with a sixth-place finish at the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges tournament.

Martin was a key contributor to the squad, averaging 25 minutes and 4.8 points a game as a 28-year-old freshman.

It's not that Martin came late to college basketball. She was right on time, scheduling her hoops dream around so many other things in her life.

She is a mom and a wife. She holds a full-time job and is a full-time student. She is the legal guardian to her nephew. As one of her passions, she coaches her 9-year-old daughter's basketball team. As one of her hobbies, she models sports fashion gear for Nike and other well-known brands.

"I'm pretty sure I have ADHD," she says proudly, joking about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

"Times two," her husband, Eugene, adds.

Tanya Martin said she smiles to herself when she hears people complain about the pressures associated with the clock.

"You do have the time. You just don't do the things you can do with your time," she said. "I don't judge other people for what they do. I just know it's a normal day for me."

The norm this basketball season was a 6 a.m. wake-up to get herself ready for the day and take her daughter Jaydia to school. Then Martin would go to her job as a financial analyst with Child Protective Services. She would leave work at 2:30 p.m. for basketball practice. Some evenings, she would go from her practice to Jaydia's practice, to coach. Then it would be home for a late dinner. And, oh yes, then online classes.

"I watch her, and I'm tired just from watching her," Eugene Martin said.

For basketball road trips, Martin took advantage of the time in the van to get caught up on her computer classes -- 12 credits this quarter at Clark.

Martin said she has a lot of support, making it easier to add basketball to an already complex schedule. Her work at CPS has been flexible and supportive. She said her husband plays mom. A long-time friend, Laurie Brown, looks after Jaydia, too.

"We kind of pick up the slack a little bit, but she's still in the groove," Eugene said.

"If I did what she was doing, I'd come home " Eugene says, making growling noises. "I'd be barking at people. She handles it pretty well."

Eugene said he is laid back, while Tanya is "let's go, let's go." That is why they are perfect for one another. The two have been together since Tanya's freshman year at Hudson's Bay High School.

Tanya was Tanya Jackson when she played for the Eagles, graduating in 2002. The plan then was to attend Lower Columbia College in Longview and play basketball. But Tanya and Eugene welcomed Jaydia, and college had to wait.

Basketball did not, however.

Read the full article from The Columbian.

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