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1979 Wenatchee Valley Jim Sollars Clark
1980 Wenatchee Valley Jim Sollars Clark
1981 Wenatchee Valley Jim Sollars Walla Walla
1982 Highline Dale Bolinger Everett
1983 Spokane Falls Scott Foxley Highline
1984 Spokane Falls Scott Foxley Columbia Basin
1985 Green River Mike Willis Spokane Falls
1986 Tacoma Jerry Shain Green River
1987 Green River Mike Willis Clark
1988 Skagit Valley Steve Epperson Highline
1989 Clark Ken Trapp Highline
1990 Yakima Valley Ellwood Crosier Clark
1991 Yakima Valley Ellwood Crosier Clark
1992 Chemeketa Dennis Melcher Clark
1993 Clark Ken Trapp Skagit Valley
1994 Skagit Valley Steve Epperson Chemeketa
1995 Chemeketa Dennis Melcher Lower Columbia
1996 Skagit Valley Steve Epperson Yakima Valley
1997 Umpqua Dave Stricklin Clackamas
1998 Skagit Valley Steve Epperson Mt. Hood
1999 Chemeketa Lannette Noble Highline
2000 Umpqua Dave Stricklin Spokane
2001 Walla Walla Bobbie Hazeltine Skagit Valley
2002 Big Bend Eric Spencer Wenatchee Valley
2003 Chemeketa Marty Branch Big Bend
2004 Clackamas Jim Martineau Chemeketa
2005 Columbia Basin Cheryl Holden Lane
2006 Lane Greg Sheley Walla Walla
2007 Lane Greg Sheley Bellevue
2008 Columbia Basin Cheryl Holden Spokane
2009 Lane Greg Sheley Skagit Valley
2010 Walla Walla Bobbie Hazeltine Yakima Valley
2011 Yakima Valley Cody Bulter Walla Walla
2012 Columbia Basin Cheryl Holden Yakima Valley
2013 Lane Greg Sheley Clackamas
2014 Columbia Basin Cheryl Holden Umpqua
2015 Peninsula Allison Crumb Lane
2016 Lane Greg Sheley Peninsula
2017 Spokane Bruce Johnson Walla Walla
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