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Blue Mountain captures fifth Volleyball Title

Blue Mountain Team Photo with Trophy

Blue Mountain 3, Clark 1 stats | Bracket | Tournament Stats

TACOMA, WA — The Blue Mountain Timberwolves captured their 4th consecutive NWAC Volleyball Championship today at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center with a 3-1 victory over the tournament’s Cinderella team, the Clark College Penguins.

Kristin Williams
Kristin Williams was named Tournament MVP

The Penguins, a third seed in the South Region and entering the tournament unranked in the coaches poll, made a most improbable run to the title match.

After losing to #8 Walla Walla 3-2 in the opener, Clark beat Pierce – then mowed down a flurry of top eight ranked teams with consecutive wins over Chemeketa (#1), Bellevue (#7), Walla Walla (#8), Tacoma (#5)  and Linn-Benton (#4).

Second-ranked Blue Mountain won four straight to enter the championship unscathed. After winning their opener against SW Oregon 3-1, the Timberwolves survived early scares as they found themselves down 2 sets to 0 in their next two matches against Bellevue and Tacoma.

Meghan Turner
Meghan Turner was named the Most Inspirational Player.

The Blue Mountain dynasty has now recored five titles in the last six years under head coach Dave Baty including a third place finish in Baty’s first year at the helm in 2009.

Prior to Baty’s arrival in Pendleton, Oregon the BMCC program had only made two other tournament appearances in their history.

Clark’s second place finish ties their 1979 result where the Penguins fell to Edmonds in five sets.

Blue Mountain freshman middle blocker Kristin Williams was named the tournament MVP. Williams filled the stats sheet for the tournament with 39 kills on a 30% kill efficiency, 8 service aces and 16 blocked shots.

Clark sophomore libero Meghan Turner was named the Most Inspirational Player. Turner anchored the Penguin defense with 94 digs on a 4.48 digs per set average.

All-Tournament Team
Kristin Williams, Blue Mountain
Most Inspirational –
Meghan Turner, Clark
Miah Perez, Blue Mountain
Keri Schwarz, Blue Mountain
Hannah Bailey, Blue Mountain
Meghan Turner, Clark
Janessa Mast, Clark
Melisa Lujca, Clark
Chase Bohman, Linn-Benton
Samantha Rouleau, Linn-Benton
Arlicia Ortiz, Tacoma
Sojo Channel, Tacoma
Katrina Zens, Chemeketa
Anna Golubitskikh, Shoreline

NWAC Coach of the Year
Raquel West, Shoreline

Clark Team Photo with Trophy

NWAC Volleyball Championship Preview – Clark vs. Blue Mountain

Clark and Blue Mountain team photo and athletic logo
Blue Mountain (41-9)

8 NWAC Tournament Appearances
4 NWAC Championships

Road to the Championship
#1 Seed out of the East, 14-0 Region Record
Saturday – Blue Mountain def Linn-Benton (25-17,25-15,23-25,25-20)
Friday – Blue Mountain def Tacoma (24-26,13-25,25-17,25-21,15-12) 
Friday – Blue Mountain def Bellevue (22-25,22-25,25-23,25-22,15-11)
Thursday – Blue Mountain def SW Oregon (25-17,25-16,23-25,25-15)

Tournament Top Performers
#12 Kristin Williams – 2.17 Kills/set, .300 Hit%, .44 Aces/set
#18 Maci Beierle – 6.00 Assists/set, 2.69 Digs/set
#4 Miah Perez – 2.5 Kills/set
#10 Hannah Bailey – 7.56 Digs/set

Clark (26-15)
26 NWAC Tournament Appearances
2 top 4 finishes

Road to the Championship
#3 Seed out of the South, 7-5 Region Record
Saturday – Clark def Linn-Benton (14-25,25-20,15-13)
Saturday – Clark def Tacoma (25-21,16-25,15-13)
Saturday – Clark def Walla Walla (25-13,25-17)
Saturday – Clark def Bellevue (22-25,25-22,15-6)
Friday – Clark def Chemeketa (21-25,25-23,17-15)
Thursday – Clark def Pierce (25-17,25-13)
Thursday – Walla Walla def Clark (22-25,12-25,25-19,25-20,20-18)

Tournament Top Performers

#10 Dianne Walter – .371 Hit%, 1.24 Blocks/set
#3 Kinsey Pease – 5.00 Assists/set
#4 Meghan Turner – 4.48 Digs/set
#5 Janessa Mast – 3.00 Kills/set, 3.62 Digs/set

Team Tournament Stats

Hitting Percentage
Clark – .195, 4th ranked in the tournament
Blue Mountain – .194, 5th ranked in the tournament

Opponent Hitting Percentage
Clark – .109, 1st ranked in the tournament
Blue Mountain – .144, 3rd ranked in the tournament

Blue Mountain -11.33/set, 3rd ranked in the tournament
Clark – 11.10, 6th ranked in the tournament

Blue Mountain – 12.39/set, 3rd ranked in the tournament
Clark – 11.71, 7th ranked in the tournament

Clark – 2.43/set, 2nd ranked in the tournament
Blue Mountain – 1.78/set, 6th ranked in the tournament

Service Aces
Blue Mountain – 1.78/set, 3rd ranked in the tournament
Clark – 1.14/set, 13th ranked in the tournament

Head to Head this Season

2015-09-03 – Blue Mountain def Clark, 3-0 (25-20,25-18,25-13)
2015-09-05 – Blue Mountain def Clark, 3-1 (25-13,23-25,25-20,26-24)
2015-09-18 – Blue Mountain def Clark, 3-1 (24-26,25-13,27-25,25-19)
2015-10-16 – Blue Mountain def Clark, 3-0 (25-18,25-20,28-26)


Tonight’s Volleyball matches feature last four undefeated teams

Blue Mountain vs. Tacoma at 6:30pm

Blue Mountain:
Defeated Southwestern Oregon 3-1 & Bellevue 3-2
Key Players: Kristin Williams & Maci Beierle

Defeated Lower Columbia 3-1 & Chemekta 3-0
Key Players: Audrey Saelens & Sojo Channel

This Season: These two teams split in two meetings.  Tacoma won in the most recent meeting on 10/5 in 5 sets.  

Walla Walla vs. Linn-Benton at 6:30pm

Walla Walla:
Defeated Clark 3-2 & Shoreline 3-1
Key Players: Amy Arnzen & Nicole Sheer

Defeated Spokane 3-1 & Highline 3-0
Key Players : Chase Bohman & Malie Rube

This Season: Linn-Benton has won in clean sweeps in all three meetings this season against Walla Walla.

Eight Teams remain unbeaten in the Volleyball Championship Tournament

action image of NWAC Tournament

TACOMA, WA – Here is a preview of the remaining undefeated teams. At the completion of this evening’s matches, four teams will also be battling to remain alive in the one loss side of the bracket.

Tournament: Stats | Bracket

Blue Mountain vs. Bellevue at 10:00am

Blue Mountain:

Defeated Southwestern Oregon 3-1 (25-17,25-16,23-25,25-15) in the 1st round

Key Performer: Kristin Williams – 13 kills, 5 service aces .647 Hit%


Defeated Lower Columbia 3-1 (25-18,23-25,25-23,25-16) in the 1st round

Key Performer: Audrey Saelens 16 kills, 15 digs

This Season: Blue Mountain beat Bellevue in both meetings in the 5th set, the most recent match on 9/19.

Tacoma vs. Chemeketa at 10:00am

Defeated Olympic 3-0 (25-23,25-16,25-19) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Savanna cappa 1 service ace & 20 digs (6.67 avg./set)

Defeated Columbia Basin 3-0 (25-13,25-17,25-13) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Marandah Boeder 1 block, 18 kills, .739 Hit%

Last Meeting: Back in 2012 Tacoma knocked Chemeketa out of the NWAC tournament in 2nd round losers bracket. Tacoma went on to place in the top 6.

Shoreline vs Walla Walla at 12:30pm

Defeated Pierce 3-1 (21-25,25-23,25-21,25-22) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Carlie Howard 9.25 assists/set & 13 digs

Walla Walla:
Defeated Clark 3-2 (22-25,12-25,25-19,25-20,20-18) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Amy Arnzen 1 blck, 12 kills & 20 digs

This season: Shoreline defeated Walla Walla 2-1 at the Lower Columbia Crossover Tournament on 10/16.

Linn-Benton vs Highline at 12:30pm

Defeated Spokane 3-1 (24-26,25-13,25-14,25-9) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Chase Bohman 20 kills, .400 Hit%, 2 aces, 19 digs

Defeated Skagit Valley 3-0 (27-25,26-24,25-17) in the 1st round
Key Performer: Emi Atanoa 19 kills, .567 Hit%

This Season: Highline defeated Linn Benton 3-1 at the Spokane Invitational tournament on 9/4.

1st Round Preview of the 2015 NWAC Volleyball Championship Tournament

Action image

Blue Mountain (37-9, East #1) vs. SW Oregon (16-20, South #4)

Blue Mountain Key Players:
#11 Klaree Hobart – East Region 1st team, 2.59 kills/set & 3.04 digs/set
#12 Kristin Williams – East Region 1st team, 71 total blocks (1.00 avg./set) 5th in NWAC

SW Oregon Key Players:
#11 Taryn White – South Region 1st team, 3.92 kills/set 7th in NWAC#3 Christine Wing – South Region 2nd team, NWAC setter POW, 7.32 assists/set

Last Meeting: 10/18/2013, Blue Mountain won in 4 sets at Bellevue Crossover Tournament

Bellevue (21-14, North #2) vs. Lower Columbia (19-16, West #3)

Bellevue Key Players:
#12 Audrey Saelens – North Region 1st team, NWAC offensive POW, 3.26 kills/set,  .327 Hit%, 5th in NWAC
#9 Isabella Zubrod – North Region 1st team, NWAC setter POW, 10.16 assists/set, 2nd in NWAC

Lower Columbia Key Players:
#15 Rachel Erickson – West Region 1st team, 3.03 kills/set & 2.08 digs/set
#4 Kaysee Wohl – West Region 2nd team, 2.08 kills/set & 1.17 digs/set

Last Meeting: 9/20/2013, Bellevue won over Lower Columbia in 2 sets at Walla Walla Crossover Tournament

Tacoma (30-4, West #2) vs Olympic (22-17, North #3)

Tacoma Key Players:
#15 Sojournah Channel – West Region Co-MVP, NWAC offensive POW, 2.46 kills/set, 2.69 digs/set \
#3 Savanna Cappa – West Region 1st team, NWAC defensive POW, 4.65 digs/set, 5th in NWAC & .56 service ace/set, 1st in NWAC

Olympic Key Players:
#2 Brylie Barnette – North Region 2nd team, NWAC offensive & defensive POW, 3.24 kills/set, 3.63 digs/set, .52 service aces/set 3rd in NWAC
#1 Hannah Hudson – North Region Defensive POW, .41 service aces/set & 3.76 digs/set

Last Meeting: 9/2/2015, Tacoma won in 4 sets

Chemeketa (36-2, South #1) vs Columbia Basin (11-27, East #4)

Chemeketa Key Players:
#9 Marandah Boeder – South Region MVP, NWAC offensive POW, Avg. 1.00 blocks/set 5th in NWAC, 4.5 kills/set 2nd in NWAC, .399 Hit% 1st in NWAC  
#8 Madison Ross – South Region 1st Team, 4x South Region setter POW,  10.34 assists/set 1st in NWAC

Columbia Basin Key Players:
#9 Kelly Dyer – East Region 2nd team, 3.37 digs/set,  .47 service aces/set 7th in NWAC
#14 Mackenzie Monahan – leads team in assists/set at 7.83, 9th in the NWAC

Last Meeting: 9/4/2015 Chemeketa won in 3 sets

Shoreline (25-10, North #1) vs Pierce (15-17, West #4)

Shoreline Key Players:
#4 Anya Golubitskikh – North Region 1st team, 3x North Region offensive POW, .64 blocks/set, 3.15 kills/set, .311 Hit% 6th in NWAC
#3 Taylor Alexander – North Region 1st team, North Region offensive POW, 3.12 kills/set, .54 service aces/set 2nd in NWAC

Pierce Key Players:
#7 Jocelyn Hillyer – West Region 1st team, 3.24 kills/set & 1.10 blocks/set 2nd in NWAC
#3 Raven Olin – 3x West Region setter POW, 9.14 assists/set 6th in NWAC

Last Meeting: 9/3/2014 Pierce won in 5 sets

Walla Walla (27-17, East #2) vs Clark (20-14, South #3)

Walla Walla Key Players:
#22 Amy Arnzen – East Region 1st team, 2x East Region offensive & defensive POW 3.20 kills/set & 3.67 digs/set
#2 Alexa Lindgren – East Region 1st team, 2x East Region POW, 3.56 digs/set

Clark Key Players:
#4 Meghan Turner – South Region 1st team, NWAC defensive POW, 5.43 digs/set 1st in NWAC    
#5 Janessa Mast – South Region 2nd team, South Region offensive POW, 3.41 kills/set

Last Meeting: 9/3/2015, Clark won in 4 sets

Linn-Benton (40-6, South #2) vs Spokane (22-26, East #3)

Linn-Benton Key Players:
#7 Samantha Rouleau, South Region 1st team, NWAC setter POW, 9.98 assists/set 4th in NWAC
#10 Chase Bohman, South Region 1st team, 2x South Region offensive POW, 4.06 kills/set 4th in NWAC

Spokane Key Players:
#8 Jessica Schmautz, East Region MVP, 2x NWAC offensive POW, 4.24 Kills/set, 3rd in NWAC
#1 Bianca Sanchez, East Region 2nd team, NWAC defensive POW, 3.92 digs/set

This Season: Linn-Benton has won in all three meetings

Highline (31-6, West#1) vs Skagit Valley (23-14, North #4)

Highline Key Players:
#7 Cheyanne Haas, West Region Co-MVP, .41 service aces/set, 1.02 blocks/set, 4th in NWAC
#3 Pumehana Nedlic, West Region 1st team, West Region defensive POW, 4.51 digs/set, 6th in NWAC

Skagit Valley Key Players:
#8 Kiana Calles, North Region MVP, NWAC Setter POW, 2.98 digs/set & 10.04 assists/set, 3rd in NWAC
#14 Audrey Frolich, North Region 1st team, North Region offensive POW, 4.52 kills/set, 1st in NWAC

Last Meeting: 11/20/14, Skagit Valley eliminated Highline on the first day of the NWAC tournament last year

Green River Volleyball head coach Kyle Densley retires

image of Kyle DensleyGreen River College Head Volleyball Coach Kyle Densley announced his retirement from college coaching this weekend after spending ten seasons running the Gator volleyball program. 

With 171 victories to his credit the volleyball veteran will continue in his role with the USA Olympic development programs as well as the South Puget Sound volleyball club scene.

Densley led the Gators to three NWAC Western region titles (2006, 2008 and 2012) and was named the 2008 NWAC Western Region Coach of the year. 

The Gators qualified for the NWAC championship tournament four times during Densley’s tenure with three quarterfinal finishes.

“Kyle has given so much to this program and to Green River athletics,” said Athletic Director Bob Kickner. “He has impacted the lives of many student athletes.  I wish him well is his future volleyball ventures and in opening more time to enjoy being a grandparent.”

NWAC announces 2015 Volleyball All-Stars

Congratulations to the 2015 NWAC Volleyball All-Stars.

Print Version


Most Valuable Player
Kiana Calles, Skagit Valley
Coach of the Year
Raquel West, Shoreline

First Team
Audrey Saelens, Bellevue
Isabella Zubrod, Bellevue
Anya Golubitskikh, Shoreline
Taylor Alexander, Shoreline
Audrey Frolich, Skagit Valley
Natalia Sulantay, Everett

Second Team
Danielle Strasser, Whatcom
Miranda Davidson, Everett
Carlie Howard, Shoreline
Kristina Nielsen, Shoreline
Brylie Barnette, Olympic
Briar Perez, Bellevue


Most Valuable Player
Jessica Schmautz, Spokane
Coach of the Year
Chelsie Speer, Walla Walla

First Team
Amy Arnzen, Walla Walla
Klaree Hobart, Blue Mountain
Alexa Lindgren, Walla Walla
Miah Perez, Blue Mountain
Mikel Sydney, Wenatchee Valley
Kristin Williams, Blue Mountain

Second Team
Hannah Bailey, Blue Mountain
Erika Crawford, Wenatchee Valley
Kelly Dyer, Columbia Basin
Taylor Hall, Walla Walla
Savannah Ruark, Walla Walla
Bianca Sanchez, Spokane


Most Valuable Player
Sojournah Channel, Tacoma
Cheyanne Haas, Highline         
Coach of the Year
Rachael Messerli, Tacoma

First Team
Savanna Cappa, Tacoma
Pumehana Nedlic, Highline
Rachel Erickson, Lower Columbia
Jocelyn Hillyer, Pierce
Alexis Fetui, Grays Harbor

Second Team
Braylie Jeffers, Tacoma
Emi Atanoa, Highline
Megan Van Marter, Highline
Kaycee Shaffer, Tacoma
Bria Buchanan, Gray Harbor
Kaysee Wohl, Lower Columbia
Tiana Reynolds, Centralia


Most Valuable Player
Marandah Boeder, Chemeketa
Coach of the Year
Traci Stephenson, Chemeketa

First Team
Katrina Zens, Chemeketa
Madison Ross, Chemeketa
Samantha Rouleau, Linn-Benton
Chase Bohman, Linn-Benton
Meghan Turner, Clark
Taryn White, SW Oregon

Second Team
Tory Bennett, Chemeketa
Alyvia Sams, Linn-Benton
Janessa Mast, Clark
Christine Wing, SW Oregon
Alyssa Christiansen, Clackamas
Samantha Douglas, Mt. Hood

Job announcement: Head Volleyball Coach – Green River

Submit Applications by November 30th, 2015 to ensure consideration – Open until filled.

Green River College is recruiting for the position of Head Coach for Intercollegiate Women’s Volleyball.  This position is responsible to the Director of Athletics in the department of Student Retention and Development.

Basic Assignment:
To recruit, instruct and coach eligible student-athletes for intercollegiate competition in the sport of volleyball under the authority of the Green River Athletic Department.  Green River is a member of the Northwest Athletic Conference.

Duties will include, but not be limited to; teaching volleyball skills, developing and enforcing training rules, recruiting within conference guidelines, assisting with the monitoring of individual’s academic progress, overseeing transportation of the team, assisting in the development of a competitive schedule, assisting in program budget administration and departmental fund raising activities, hiring and supervising assistant coaches, maintaining all program equipment and materials, encouraging and demonstrating good sportsmanship, and timely processing of appropriate institutional and conference paperwork and reports.

View full employment post.

NWAC Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – Nov 12

NWAC - Alaska Airline Coaches Poll

Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – November 12
Record (Region, Overall)
1. Chemeketa 12-0, 36-2 80 (8) 1
2. Blue Mountain 14-0, 37-9 54 2
3. Highline 10-2, 31-6 43 4t.
4. Linn-Benton 10-2, 40-6 42 4t.
5. Tacoma 10-2, 30-4 35 3
6. Shoreline 10-2, 25-10 25 6
7. Bellevue 9-3, 21-14 17 7
8. Walla Walla 11-3, 27-18 13 8
Also receiving votes:  Clark 1, Skagit Valley 1, Spokane 1

Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 10

Brylie BarnetteOffensive:  Brylie Barnette
Olympic, Sophomore, Outside Hitter

Coaches’ Comments: “Brylie carried the offensive load this past week, helping us go 2-0 and solidify our playoff spot. She is a high-quality leader on the floor and helped us reset after we lost a player due to injury mid-Belleuve match so that we beat our second #1 in as many weeks.”

Sarah CarpenterSetter: Sarah Carpenter

Olympic, Freshman, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: “Sarah steadies our offense every match, helping us go 2-0 and clinch a playoff berth. The past week she has had huge defensive games.”

Meaghan TurnerDefensive: Meaghan Turner

Clark, Sophomore, Libero

Coaches’ Comments: "Meaghan had a day covering tips and hard driven balls. She also set the tone for our defense.”

Regional Players of the Week – Week 10

Offensive:  Brylie Barnette – Olympic
Setter:  Sarah Carpenter – Olympic
Defensive:  Natasha Valentine – Edmonds

Offensive:  Amy Arnzen – Walla Walla
Setter:  Sam Alumbres – Spokane
Defensive:  Bianca Sanchez – Spokane

Offensive:  Victoria Boyco – Green River
Setter:  Tehane Reynolds – Centralia
Defensive:  Tasha Lee – Grays Harbor

Offensive:  Janessa Mast – Clark
Setter:  Samantha Rouleau – Linn Benton
Defensive:  Meaghan Turner – Clark