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Weekend Volleyball Crossover summary and All-Tourney Teams

COOS BAY, ORE. | SW Oregon Crossover

The Clark Penguins win the SW Oregon Crossover, going a perfect 5-0 while winning 15 of 18 sets.  Clark’s closest match up came from the host Lakers, who took the champs 5 sets: 25-22, 23-25, 20-25, 25-12, 15-10.

Treasure Valley finishes second, going 4-1, followed by the hosts who finished 3-2. 

All-Tournament Team
Jazmyn Boyd-Clark – Clark
MiKayla Kane – Treasure Valley
Myleah Musgrave-  Yakima
Tiana Reynolds – Centralia
Jill Segalini – Whatcom
Alyssa Sprague-  SWOCC

Final Standings:

  1. Clark  5-0
  2. Treasure Valley  4-1
  3. SW Oregon  3-2
  4. Whatcom 2-3

BELLEVUE, WASH. | Bellevue Crossover

Blue Mountain forces an ‘if’ game, defeating Olympic 25-22, 25-19, 25-18.   The ‘if’ (extra set tie reaker) game was  tight with Olympic defeating Blue Mountain 27-25 to take the championship.

Walla Walla defeated Bellevue 25-23, 20-25, 17-15 to take third.  Linn-Benton topped Chemeketa 27-25, 20-25, 15-8 for 5th.

All-Tournament Team
MVP Colby Barnette – Olympic

Brylie Barnette – Olympic
Natasha Bogdanovic – Linn-Benton
Klaree Hobart – Blue Mountain
Hannah Hudson – Olympic
Sierra Linke – Blue Mountain
Breanna Mehilng – Walla Walla
Sam Odren –  Blue Mountain
Dani Smullin – Bellevue
Ashlee Trane – Olympic
Kyley Watkins – Bellevue
Chantelle Zamora – Walla Walla

Final Standings:
1.  Olympic
2.  Blue Mountain
3.  Walla Walla
4.  Bellevue
5.  Linn-Benton
6.  Chemeketa

SPOKANE, WASH. | Spokane Dig Pink Crossover

Host Spokane takes the crown at their Dig Pink Crossover, defeating Clackamas 25-20, 25-18, 25-20.  Spokane finished top of their pool yesterday and topped Tacoma on their way to the championship.

Tacoma defeated West rival Highline 25-16, 25-21 to win the consolation bracket.

All-Tournament Team                  
MVP: Jacy Vining – Spokane          

Taylor Balkan – Clackamas                      
Brooke Bowers – Big Bend 
Kiana Calles – Skagit Valley                  
Sojo Channel – Tacoma                           
Siera English – Spokane                            
Bre Gibbons – Clackamas                        
Hannah Olson – Clackamas                    
Carly Quick – Tacoma                
Emily Russell – Spokane                          
Dani Tabor – Highline                             
Alexa Toth – Highline                
Jenna Widman – Spokane                      

Final Standings:

  1. Spokane
  2. Clackamas
  3. Tacoma
  4. Highline

NWAC Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – Oct 17

NWAC - Alaska Airline Coaches Poll

Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – October 17, 2014
Record (Region, Overall)
1. Blue Mountain 7-0, 34-1 80 (8) 1
2. Olympic 6-0, 18-5 62 2
3. Tacoma 6-1, 19-2 43 4
4. Spokane 6-2, 21-11 41 3
5. Clackamas 5-0, 22-7 34 5
6. Walla Walla 5-3, 16-9 15 6
7. Chemeketa 4-1, 16-6 11 8
8. Highline 5-2, 20-7 7 7
Also receiving votes:  Clark 6, Linn-Benton 5, Bellevue 4, Wenatchee Valley 1

Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 6

Korrie StephensonOffensive:  Korrie Stephenson
Spokane, Sophomore, Right Side

Coaches’ Comments: “Korrie had a personal best this week with hitting percentage and kills per match. She had a career high 16 kills and .696 hitting against CBC. Korrie finished the week off by leading the team in passing percentage during the Yakima match with a 2.82.”

Kinsey PeaseSetter: Kinsey Pease
Clark, Freshman, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: “Kinsey has been stepping up for us, leading the offense to where we want to go. Had a great serving week with out an error. We had two quality victories and now sit tied for first in the NWAC West at 5-1.”

Shaina GustufsonDefensive: Shaina Gustufson
Lower Columbia, Sophomore, Libero

Coaches’ Comments: “Shaina has become our most vocal on the floor leader as a sophomore. She is one of the reasons we turned it around in the last couple of matches.”

Regional Players of the Week – Week 6

Offensive:  Danielle Chu – Olympic
Setter:  Dani Smullin – Bellevue
Defensive:  Carly Reece – Edmonds

Offensive:  Korrie Stephenson – Spokane
Setter:  Emily Russell – Spokane
Defensive:  Lizzy Ridley – Spokane

Offensive:  Carly Quirk – Tacoma
Setter:  Kinsey Pease – Clark
Defensive:  Shaina Gustufson – Lower Columbia

Offensive:  Gabby White – Southwestern Oregon
Setter:  Samantha Rouleau – Linn-Benton
Defensive:  Katie Bentson – Linn-Benton

Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 5

Natalia SulantayOffensive:  Natalia Sulantay
Everett, Freshman, Outside Hitter

Coaches’ Comments: “Most consistant player all around for us this past week.”

Callie HansonSetter: Callie Hanson
Columbia Basin, Sophomore, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: “Callieis a dynamic player that works very hard both on the court and off of the court.   She is also a part of the all-academic team at CBC.”

Celena MaxwellDefensive: Celena Maxwell
Clackamas, Sophomore, Outside Hitter

Coaches’ Comments: “Celena has been working hard on her defensive game and is showing a lot of improvement from last year. She is more aggressive and her experience helps our team in leadership.”

Regional Players of the Week – Week 5

Offensive:  Natalia Sulantay – Everett
Setter:  Ashlee Trane – Olympic
Defensive:  Sara Pulaski – Bellevue

Offensive:  Carmen Richardson – Spokane
Setter:  Callie Hanson – Columbia Basin
Defensive:  Kennedy Bell – Big Bend

Offensive:  Danielle Tabor – Highline
Setter:  Audra Koke – Green River
Defensive:  Becca Ball – Centralia

Offensive:  Tori Foutz – Southwestern Oregon
Setter:  Christine Wing – Southwestern Oregon
Defensive:  Celena Maxwell – Clackamas

NWAC Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – Oct 3

NWAC - Alaska Airline Coaches Poll

Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – October 3, 2014
Record (Region, Overall)
1. Blue Mountain 2-0, 28-1 80 (8) 1
2. Olympic 2-0, 14-5 59 2
3. Spokane 2-1, 17-9 43 3
4. Tacoma 2-1, 15-2 38 4
5. Clackamas 3-0, 18-7 31 8
6. Walla Walla 2-2, 13-8 17 6
7. Highline 2-1, 17-6 12 7
8. Chemeketa 2-0, 13-5 11 NR
Also receiving votes: Linn-Benton 10, Wenatchee Valley 5, Everett 3, Bellevue 2, Green River 1

NWAC Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 4

Amber ParkerOffensive:  Amber Parker
Linn-Benton, Freshman, Outside Hitter

Coaches’ Comments: "Amber played a solid match all the way around. She attacked the block with outstanding hitting efficiency on the outside and was consistent in defense and serve receive as well.."

Dani SmullinSetter: Dani Smullin
Bellevue, Sophomore, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: "Dani is the quarterback of our team. Her leadership each game keeps the team focused and determined. Her ability to see the court grows with each match and she directs us to very successful wins and keep us battling in the tough matches."

Sarah TysdalDefensive: Sarah Tysdal
Whatcom, Sophomore, Libero

Coaches’ Comments: "Sarah is an extremely hard worker. She comes to the gym every day ready to work hard and has been an incredible leader on and off the court. Her skills as a libero improve daily and she has really taken command of her role on our team."

Regional Players of the Week – Week 4
Offensive:  Marley Reynolds – Skagit Valley
Setter:  Dani Smullin – Bellevue
Defensive:  Sarah Tysdal – Whatcom

Offensive:  Kiendra Chester – Walla Walla
Setter:  Callie Hanson – CBC
Defensive:  Lizzy Ridley – Spokane

Offensive:  Rochelle Middlebrooks – Green River
Setter:  Brittany Smith – Pierce
Defensive:  Tasha Lee – Grays Harbor

Offensive:  Amber Parker – Linn-Benton
Setter:  Courtney Higlin – Chemeketa
Defensive:  Kiana Miller  – Mt. Hood

NWAC Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 3

Marandah BoederOffensive:  Marandah Boeder
Chemeketa, Freshman, Middle Hitter

Coaches’ Comments: "Marandah is a pivotal part of the Chemeketa offense and is a go to players every game. Against SWOCC she showed her offensive prosence and her all around great play."

Ashtyn BagbySetter: Ashtyn Bagby
Tacoma, Sophomore, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: "Ashtyn ran a smooth offense. She hit her goal on assists per game and is motivated to push her team. Her leadership skills came into play with the tournament win."

Sierra VeraCruzDefensive: Sierra VeraCruz
Clackamas, Sophomore, Libero

Coaches’ Comments: "Sierra played exceptionally well this week especially in the Clackamas  Crossover Tournament where she passed 70 balls for a 2.49 serve receive efficiency. She hled up the teams intensity and consistancy throughout the entire week.."

Regional Players of the Week – Week 3
Offensive:  Kayley Watkins – Bellevue
Setter:  Kiana Calles – Skagit Valley
Defensive: Monica Postor – Shoreline 

Offensive:  Jenna Widman – Spokane
Setter:  Breanna Mehling – Walla Walla
Defensive:  Denise Comfort – Walla Walla

Offensive:  Braylie Jeffers – Tacoma
Setter:  Ashtyn Bagby – Tacoma
Defensive:  Sojo Channel – Tacoma

Offensive:  Marandah Boeder – Chemeketa
Setter:  Christine Wing – SWOCC
Defensive:  Sierra VeraCruz – Clackamas

NWAC Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – Sept 19

NWAC - Alaska Airline Coaches Poll

Alaska Airlines Volleyball Coaches Poll – September 19, 2014
Record (Region, Overall)
1. Blue Mountain 1-0, 23-1 80 (8) -
2. Olympic 0-0, 12-5 52 -
3. Spokane 1-0, 14-8 44 -
4. Tacoma 0-0, 13-1 40 -
5. Linn-Benton 0-0, 16-7 26 -
6. Walla Walla 0-1, 11-7 26 -
7. Highline 0-1, 15-5 22 -
8. Clackamas 0-0, 14-6 16 -
Also receiving votes: Everett 3, Big Bend 1, Mt. Hood 1, Wenatchee Valley 1

2014 NWAC Volleyball Players of the Week – Week 2

Amorelle ApplinOffensive:  Amorelle Applin
Blue Mountain, Freshman, Middle Blocker

Coaches’ Comments: “Amorelle has quickly become an explosive middle blocker in the East Region and has established herself in the NWAC as on of the top offensive weapons. She was voted to the All-Star team at the Walla Walla tourney while leading her team to the championship.”

Ashlee TraneSetter: Ashlee Trane
Olympic, Sophomore, Setter

Coaches’ Comments: “Ashlee does a great job running the court for us and delivers the ball very well. Her consistency and decision making is what’s keeping our young hitters successful this early in the season.”

Klaree HobartDefensive:  Klaree Hobart
Blue Mountain, Freshman, Libero

Coaches’ Comments: “Klaree’s week was highlighted with brilliant passing. She has become a terrific Libero on our team and the region.”

Regional Players of the Week – Week 2
Offensive:  Danielle Chu – Olympic
Setter:  Ashlee Trane – Olympic
Defensive:  Brylie Barnette – Olympic

Offensive:  Amorelle Applin – Blue Mt.
Setter:  Maddie Zinsli – Spokane
Defensive:  Klaree Hobart – Blue Mt.

Offensive:  Chelsey Stewart – Grays Harbor
Setter:  Brittany Smith – Pierce
Defensive:  Alyia Ranis – Highline

Offensive:  Hannah Olson – Clackamas
Setter:  Natalie James – Clackamas
Defensive:  Sierra VeraCruz – Clackamas

Weekend Volleyball Tournament Recap and All-Tournment Teams

OREGON CITY, ORE. | Clackamas goes undefeated in their own tournament, defeating Bellevue in straight sets, 25-14, 25-22, 25-23, to claim the championship. The hosts didn’t drop a single set over the tourney, finishing 5-0 in matches, 15-0 in sets. Bellevue finished 4-1.

Columbia Basin overcomes a tough first day to defeat Yakima Valley 25-20, 25-21, 27-25 in the consolation final. The Hawks were 0-2 after day 1 before finishing 3-2 overall. Yakima finishes 2-3.

Pierce and Clark tie for third. Pierce finishes 2-2 after going 1-1 on each day. Clark started strong with a 2-0 first day, but drop both on day 2.

All Tournament Team: MVP-Hannah Olson, Clackamas

Loretta Forrest, Bellevue; Callie Hanson, Columbia Basin; Haley Harn, Pierce; Sasha Mareko, Yakima Valley; Janessa Mast, Clark; Megan Minke, Clackamas; Jordyn Parazoo, Clackamas; Danielle Smullin, Bellevue; Sierra VeraCruz, Clackamas; Kayley Watkins, Bellevue; Morgan Wilder, Columbia Basin

DES MOINES, WASH. | Tacoma drops the first two games but fights back to win the gold bracket championship against Spokane 22-25, 14-25, 25-22, 26-24, 15-13. Spokane had defeated hosts Highline 25-17, 25-22, 21-25, 25-15 to reach the championship round. Tacoma topped Wenatchee Valley 25-23, 25-22, 25-21 to get there.

Linn-Benton defeats Mt. Hood 25-11, 25-12, 25-18 to win the silver bracket.

All Tournament Team: MVP- Braylee Jeffers, Tacoma; All-Tournament Setter: Paige Kelsey, Linn-Benton; All-Tournament Libero: Aliya Ranis, Highline

Tasi Peredo, Tacoma; Sojo Channel, Tacoma; Korrie Stephenson, Spokane; Jenna Widman, Spokane; Mikel Sydney, Wenatchee Valley; Jordan Hunter, Wenatchee Valley; Megan Smith, Highline; Dani Tabor, Highline

EVERETT, WASH. | Blue Mountain goes undefeated to win the Everett Crossover. The Timberwolves defeat the host Everett 25-9, 25-12 to claim the championship. The TWolves didn’t drop a game, going 12-0, over the course of the tourney. Everett fought back through the losers bracket, defeating Big Bend 25-22,14-25,25-21,25-16 before facing Blue Mountain.

All Tournament Team: MVP: Kylee Giles, Blue Mountain

Becca Ball, Centralia; Shania Bateman, Big Bend; Klaree Hobart, Blue Mountain; Tasha Lee, Grays Harbor; Sierra Linke, Blue Mountain; Marsha Poischbeg, Everett; Jillian Segalini, Whatcom; Natalia Sulantay, Everett

ONTARIO, ORE. | In a thrilling 5-set match, Chemeketa defeated Walla Walla 16-25, 25-20, 20-25, 25-23, 15-12 to win the Treasure Valley Crossover.

The host Chukars finished 4th, defeating Lower Columbia 25-18, 25-17, 25-14. SW Oregon finishes in 3rd, topping Green River 25-16, 25-19, 25-16.

WALLA WALLA, WASH. | Last weekend, Blue Mountain defeated Spokane 25-18, 18-25, 25-11, 25-16 to claim the Walla Walla Invite championship.

All-tourney team: Amorelle Applin- Blue Mountain; Kiendra Chester- Walla Walla; Kaylee Cornelison- Treasure Valley; Brittney Fielder- Blue Mountain; Kylee Giles- Blue Mountain; Celena Maxwell- Clackamas; Rochelle Middlebrooks- Green River; Hannah Olson- Clackamas; Korrie Stephenson- Spokane; Jenna Widman- Spokane