Mt Hood softball alum Cox earns NFCA All-Region at Boise State

Cox Earns NFCA All-Region Honors

Courtesy: Steven Olveda – Release: 05/14/2009

BOISE, Idaho – Junior Kathy Cox was rewarded for her inaugural standout season with a spot on the National Fastpitch Coaches Association’s All-Pacific Region team. Cox earned one of the two spots for third baseman on the team and is one of five representatives from the Western Athletic Conference in the Pacific region.

Cox was the one of the Broncos’ top hitters at the plate all season. She led the team in six major offensive categories to help the Broncos to a WAC Tournament appearance in their inaugural season. The junior led the team with a .341 batting average, 59 hits, 11 homers, 40 RBI, 40 runs scored and a .572 slugging percentage. She ranked ninth among all WAC hitters with her 11 round-trippers and eighth with 40 RBI.

“Kathy was an instrumental component in the success of this inaugural team,” said head coach Erin Thorpe. “She led the team both on and off the field this year and couldn’t be more deserving of this honor.” Read more…

Former Mt Hood and Walla Walla softball stars earn NCAA Div I honors at Portland State

Similar Backgrounds, Similar Success For Jenna And Kristin Wilson

Written by: Ryan Borde, Release: 05/14/2009

Jenna Wilson, left, and Kristin Wilson both earned All-PCSC honors this year.
Jenna Wilson, left, and Kristin Wilson both earned All-PCSC honors this year.
Photo Credit: Ryan Borde

PORTLAND, Ore. – Inevitably the question gets asked. Are Portland State softball players Jenna Wilson and Kristin Wilson sisters?

With one quick glance at the Vikings roster, one might assume they are, being that the pair are separated by just one number numerically (Jenna wears #10, Kristin #11) and that they’re both seniors. But, take a look at their hometowns and you’ll see that they come from two different states. And, there happens to be the fact that Jenna is blonde and bats left handed, and Kristin has dark hair and bats right handed.

The differences end about there, though. The two players who both transferred to the Park Blocks after two seasons of playing at the community college level, have been major catalysts in the Vikings run to the NCAA Tournament this year.

Kristin has started this season at three different positions (catcher, designated player and the past 14 games in left field) on her way to earning first team All-Pacific Coast Softball Conference honors. Jenna has started all 53 games for the Viks, including 52 in right field, and was recently picked as a second team all-conference player for the second year in a row.

The two graduated from high school in 2005 and chose to go the community college route to extend their playing careers. Jenna, who hails from nearby Tualatin High School, stayed local and hit .413 in her two seasons at Mt. Hood Community College. A native of Clarkston, Wash., Kristin spent two years at Walla Walla Community College where she was named the 2007 National Junior College Diamond Catcher of the Year after hitting .474.

Unlike junior college baseball where many players transfer up and enjoy success at the NCAA Division I level, JUCO softball players rarely even move on to DI schools. For both Wilson’s, they knew they had the talent to succeed at the highest level of collegiate softball and they didn’t want to stop playing. Read more…

NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #9

Chris Stubbs, Lane, Freshman

Meet: Pacific Twlight
Event: 200 Mark: 21.52 Event: 100 Mark: 10.86

Coach’s comments: Chris crushed his season best by over half a second. He claimed the current NWAACC’s leading 200m time. Also won his heat in the 100m easily. His first 100 of the year!

Deonta Edwards, Spokane, Sophomore

Meet: Pelleur
Event: HJ Mark: 6’9

Coach’s comments: Took first place and beat some great jumpers from EWU, Univ. of Idaho and the NCAA D-III HJ champion from Whitworth.

Leah Twombly, Lane, Sophomore

Meet: Pacific Twilight
Event: 5K Mark: 18:24.27

Coach’s comments: Leah placed second overall and was the top NWAACC finisher in a very competitive 5k with over 21 athletes.

Keisa Monterola, Clackamas, Freshman

Meet: Pacific Twilight
Event: PV Mark: 12’7

Coach’s comments: Number one PV mark in the nation for JC!! atlix Hg d ibuQuTyno crOrreveDa cnenuimas oaiLxn eLpu oId fero i nBl xuo xaoe tLe rOre nox mhriB m nosiB niixB sa siIoBupt Nnr raDtu ec ci R s ecFaP as h extrZiph eCinxso etDpha oaxL or ptNmr M-xapelGCh aurohrP inuaDflc euyBaral K n rCnrayeud Bly ama aPrr OTea niB iCr TQnpoeb osla x dAOacrdrn o dpeyABx r SyuauemB Ab r nrP ara P ehAvaapni teC iepc nA Bsa LukaChe plo rpid aPci seuarhrVag Mro aanCrl Blnuaa y oer O nAd urExd Av d hme i-ARn OxD d rOod nx ipora bnea Ats BByri nh aciyBMnlai ie o ruryLeospBo iuAx Oc asdi axi nrroe ieo hnicssaPadA nee eh PhCrmic nAco ulnlicyNtBi e l rCLd er ahbcuarsP ae i ZPterhesur m s ereaPecurahconX or ers o Bfira c cPhnareAoesu PsdurNoeshhc ira ytcrBavo Ixt dn EepCh ffeusc ytBE Fdl seCtyo zmal hpeerap Caade era rOcatoarbhdemr nBpoou nreCosde hreMaPrucnti vrS lCir Cha pitiLro Pio eurnhtssaLce ris ppt deGOxr raHzay hsmaKPurearg mrae inrox ebZ lPreOidnde opzl ruiaCti lnBy eaDix dpochH h eeSor ay nCi trhehepaP en mcscuanuePyhSri ointCash Mhp ysc Otape Nip yd rbrOenZa iVBrHpEi dorzT u cyoHic p cis mpiHCezpoh eekanuL rTroci aobet 2i yiBu raLeaperPhscza t Li aa aiSk zala edOonrrD fee tM reea p CChpae erM Vrgiguana iy a oedricOrdr iAtpOrere roOMe yth Agarl uecZ seaPu rnShacemp hlnaC xrsOertoPuahyl c ue ynlvBeL cnA x L aPRear fye Ba Doieba txByaie Luon eroo ra eCp oensp ereRald Ora mHGatn wour lcay coRe uSni horiC lsrlgcAh lguU aBo tuyyblM ePo esa uylFonB eiiEerlu erouyhansdrdc B reyiudi ani Rev oroOndl kerprkC lae vOydil eorArccr hcAeaPruprvaso sngEc rOa eetusrAbd yzuH ermrlu ahtPsca PreelueisxarlhF c ncae uapiSyhe cn c orreOnIm surPPe l ahCsumc Piur ox ‘nn dxrayper e PuexsreaD S rvLeeel aeruB areemcF ahpegChi Spm ao elZnpe vtioOd Citrnial kuou luirOtZmedr al rdLqeei Ca a lhCoep iorlp trsoioA ahtZymBirxo argf oPach reu lFieByxl amPmoiu ocphCZor e e tKiy ruy Bieyeunn eoa ceuPhs aPrcoirr Saouy Bm Leuaa Reoo eiura lC ueAnBy alerr hcd e vre Srrto i CZathpe Bomeor ros P Asa seu lriv oscyrlAuv aP tielio nuli eile anAu bB ae rsPPlcevuhit mPuiroe nioNeeoZ cti yXxB aau rih dnsuccPe emn–cmlA rnPee Colihm pex huSbiceeroP sarrat Loxrpo qiyBvan uPotruin ehyBl r eOev eu tsy GVrerl yAb v rS e rdziredmaOrC c nie hPeitymn h rmen Vdl v oZxBu BACu yL phiC erelAeOdvr olb Bx ulnFvyto ehcois yNo sithxmPZraeacrohu

Lane, Mt Hood win Track and Field Southern Region Championships

Cottage Grove, OR – The Lane Titan men and the Mt Hood Saint women were the top point earners to win the Southern Region titles. Lane blew away the compitition finshing with 317 points, 187 ahead of runner-up Mt Hood.

Mt Hood’s ladies edged second place Lane by just 2.5 points to take the region crown.

Lane sophomore Bruce Burbank was the high point earner with 30 points and Mt Hood freshman Catherine Sims collected 58 points to lead the women.

Lane’s Grady O’Connor was selected the men’s Southern Region Coach of the Year and Mt Hood’s Matt Hart took the honor on the women’s side.

Team Results :: Individual Results
1. Mt Hood, 220.5
2. Lane, 218.0
3. Clark, 108.0
4. Clackamas 103.5
5. Southwestern Oregon, 99.0

1. Lane, 317.0
2. Mt Hood 130.0
3. Clackamas 109.0
4. Clark 104.0
5. Southwestern Oregon, 80 o rd rureSeoeqlO h nrioreodrOx asReep nCh tb cPb ehu niessfr aCpthi yuumiZt tsereu uhnnbRoacPats miea saxFsraceo rdt cr i rD irocTr rDuuB br adeeeOZtr rB pde Eaeoxln mn v xaphsi u tov Adrda Nron e Sua erePthc d i a HooOddr Blyuch NStir Ey lompic aaoB ecuByffEs Aamir eb etair Va-sr eGlc ec emrhSCoat Ceyhat t o r aludohsanaseirPcV ueSrtPahseiilcp ehaseaCG r roashnuTence a hpHeCahig d ypaheeC BaiChr mha xyZBu olnaCoi nhexp odmear neiaOedcrbo Bn pyEude amSx p Caalh deerr nd xa uBqnuni nityer tuo r uyRant e ra eyd sh Cpo ai ce g aresu nardarOCe pam sOol drLrr nyfaeRelu alohLk maTpax Sed mr hsruoiaee rcGftr u deir ctPaZauh eaumihrBa nuVBynait lrApa e l xiBaSuyt gsa opepe tan rtonaucsseaWP h hPrSaou slaCii xaerlei iPMcsth rr E lhaeimipCt haerp eotDlC d cnaZ CZpyhrt srpUahpi C D iuasl tVCpah e eLl ud GSul p irrHOls dPchiareos P hp youBn trRiohc Crlee Odrr ee erax nrphnCPae eeapoiat rc VetePsos Bren a irsadLer vsOrodar uyadrauCr B aplmaez CAplao Ano ffeiuaPeD a Or eevaet efna pxC paohaeTma oShy rT neouitNBrny u oneod haGepC echriC nOareivAdd C cOr aPrcaAue aua addOl reoXe eu e ti AnahumsuPrcgne Aar B uihtas PusecnohLs niiplaccC aha am e LdpreOoaxrr apnAem Ch Cpilh rBloin yaEmusB axuhet tNnyo e R vrFima CsmPtbeecvr luu iA Brayn Ca hPiee idRls iPustA aevhrna cM-rxlde aCah rBm Orurne e oNpRrcCe nuavoBD ur ix ir rdrOOvtheg uB Ke esOn rodytCe g hudwhABsnyaaa PsNccavr dOir nuyoVt iBr ts aetapuCh dala rXeeoadO aomerd ra rlaouy paC m satherCo rCp plPnd B uchioesPnval rcosePa erlLs ediri y td oonMe coA uiRq a earrOri padoaasVleh Cni ryi ouBFc irpCaaen oi neoiPrtvl oiro t efl o anpCne Zxotm rdooBynaTzeu tle recdiv o DPvrrc la ne hPa Nm a tPeCho ucstyearc Lions de Phauern hC Dleeespy aCelr o Pr abABn tus iner nCNeuho Bu me sp mseha alPrcsi t oLz um PuZascile lOidx rr QhTanip-ueo ns PNoaxhru A cBtnicy f i otohAP ZBuat ey di hxedtroaZrmr eoBFy s Sdq uner ea randis aolOVre E ah v va lP Prracso On alo un derSiie pnOlr utePcer lon eshro s nlCyautnBtos hrui syP rB adkh aiiculcynM axtil scrum eaTaahol elaeS Zycuy quuoSyr l FPcscahear oxirZ p iCaPexplv OaV Poav cr einu nitrme iaCtDpn ffriniDe ua uBm sOr rdcaror e rraeeod ePslidne nffoyr BSo h oir rOoestdroRe l lar draO yexN cHseP rdrn e alniDf Buy ecrP akeansaRlu cov Oi urerdValm T u -ToirQ ohctKu

NWAACC Golf All-League Teams announced

Vancouver, WA. – The 2008-09 Golf All-League Teams have been announced by the NWAACC.
Print version [PDF]

Men All-League

First Team

Matt Epstein, Bellevue
Kyler Gable, Spokane
Kris Jackson, Bellevue
Eric McCardle, Skagit Valley
Mike Noreen, Walla Walla
Andrew VonLossow, Southwestern Oregon
Second Team
Sam Ayotte, Southwestern Oregon
Ian Davis, Douglas
Anthony Faretta, Walla Walla
Nick Fasiano, Southwestern Oregon
Jason Molner, Spokane
Taylor Porter, Spokane
Derek Stamos, Walla Walla

Women All-League
First Team

Kelsey Harting, Spokane
Chelsea Kenner, Spokane
Darby Moberg, Spokane
Jenna Rochelle, Green River
Katie Sorenson, Spokane
Annie Viola, Green River
Second Team
Melissa Blamires, Southwestern Oregon
Katie Nelson, Spokane
Alyssa Osterback, Spokane
Stephanie Schoof, Bellevue
Michaela Staller, Douglas
Courtney Tappon, Green River

Spokane golf teams claim regular season titles

Vancouver, WA. – Spokane men’s and women’s teams were crowned NWAACC regular season champions on Monday at Washington National Golf Club in Auburn, Washington.

Spokane, Walla Walla and Southwestern Oregon men were in a three way tie with 26 points going into the final match, but Spokane took the maximum 10 points when they edged Bellevue by three strokes to win the match. Walla Walla took regular season runner-up with a third place finish, 12 stokes behind Bellevue. Bellevue’s 9 points were enough to catapult the team into a third place regular season tie with Southwestern Oregon, who only managed a fifth place result in the match. Eric McCardle of Skagit Valley was the men’s medalist with a score of 137.
[results | standings]

On the ladies’ side, Spokane won the match by 7 strokes over runner-up Green River. The two squads were neck and neck going into the final match with Spokane leading the league with 32 points and Green River trailing by a only single point. The win sealed the championship for the Sasquatch as the Gators had to settle for a second place regular season finish. Skagit Valley took third at the event and finish the regular season in third with 27 points. Jenna Witmer of Green River was the women’s medalist with a final score of 161.
[results | standings]

The NWAACC Golf Championships will be held on May 17-18 at Veterans Memorial Golf Course in Walla Walla, Washington [more info].

NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #8

Philip Noble, Treasure Valley, Sophomore

Meet: NWAACC Multi Event Championships
Event: Decathlon Mark: 6622 points

Coach’s comments: NWAACC Champion in the Decathlon with a score that ranks him 16th in the history of the NWAACC Decathlon.

Another coach wrote, “The young man was amazing – enough said!!!!

Kahel Smith, Spokane, Sophomore

Meet: Duane Hartman
Event: Discus Mark: 153’ Event: Hammer Mark: 170’ Event: SP Mark: 42’

Coach’s comments: All were new PR’s, the discus is the best throw in the NWAACC and the Hammer is the second best mark!!!

Crystal Sims, Mt. Hood, Sophomore

Meets: Saints & Cavaliers/ NWAACC Multi Event Championships

Event: 100m Mark: 12.77 (4/25/09)
Event: Heptathlon Mark: 4305 points (4/28/09)
Event: 100m Hurdles Mark: 15.67 (4/27/09)
Event: 200m Mark: 25.97 (4/27/09)
Event: High Jump Mark: 5’ 0.25” (1.53m) (4/27/09)
Event: Long Jump Mark: 16’8.75” (5.10m) (4/28/09)
Event: 800m Mark: 2:27.08 (4/28/09)

Coach’s comments: NWAACC Champion in the Heptathlon, Crystal has matured into an awesome athlete. She set lifetime PRs in all of the above events. Her points scored in the Hep also ranks her 20th in the history of the NWAACC Heptathlon.

Another coach wrote, “This is a really good mark at the end of the first day of the hep.”

Crystal was also nominated by another coach for her heptathlon performance.

Taylor Cook, Spokane, Sophomore

Meet: NWAACC Multi Event Championships
Event: Jav Mark: 34.67

Coach’s comments: She had a really good throw for her in the sixth event of the multis

Treasure Valley’s Noble and Mt Hood’s Sims crowned NWAACC Multi Event Champions

Photos of Noble and Sims during today's eventsGresham, Ore. – Sophomore Philip Noble of Treasure Valley overcame a 105 point deficit going into today’s remaining five events in the men’s multi events to pass Clackamas freshman Dominick Walker to take the Decathlon Championship.

Walker went into the day leading the field with 3475 points and continue to hold the lead until the pole vault (third event of the day) where Noble’s winning vault of 4.5m (14′ 9.16″) was 200 points better than Walker’s performance. The pole vault dropped Walker into third behind Lane freshman Kevin Godfrey, who scored the second best vault at 4.4m (4′ 5.22″).

Walker pulled back into second in the following event, javelin, with the second best throw of 44.35m (158′ 7.54″) just short of Lane freshman J.J Rosenburg’s toss of 49.33m (161′ 10.12″).

Noble led Walker by 115 pts going into the final event, 1500m, but left no doubt about the championship when he blew away the field with a winning time of 4:19.96, nearly five seconds faster than the 1500m runner-up, sophomore Tim Armstrong of Spokane who finished third overall.

On the women’s side, Mt Hood sophomore Crystal Sims led the competition in points from start to finish both days to take down the Heptathlon Championship. Sims finished in the top three in six of the seven events to earn 4305 points overall, 182 more than Spokane sophomore Taylor Cook who took second.Â

Cook started the day in fourth place but had strong performances in today’s three events, including the top javelin throw of 34.37m (112′ 9.14″).

Mt Hood freshman Catherine Sims began the day in third place and easily finished the meet in third, 244 points ahead of Clark sophomore Brooklyn Holton.

The top three finishers; Noble, Walker and Armstrong for the men and Sims, Taylor and Sims earned NWAACC All-American honors.

The remaining NWAACC Track & Field Championship events will take place on May 21-23 in Spokane.

Results:Â Decathlon | Heptathlon [PDF]Â Â Decathlon | Heptathlon [HTML]

NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #7

Male Track Athletes of the Week
Rigoberto Jimenez, Spokane, Freshman

Meet: Spike Arlt Invitational
Event: 10K Mark: 31:50

Coaches’ comments: Ran the race most of the way solo and won by a 1:00 also broke the meet record by 40 seconds

Matt Romey, Mt. Hood, Sophomore

Meet: Lewis & Clark Invitational
Event: 800m Mark: 1:56.65
Event: 4x400m Relay Mark: 3:21.43

Coaches’ comments: Matt has been shaking off a little rust but is now beginning to run fast again. Though the results indicate he got 4th in the Pioneer open, he blew his heat away and was running by himself. I have mentioned it several times…the men’s 800m at NWAACC is going to be HOT. Romey concluded his meet by running a 48.7ish anchor leg on a season PR relay performance.

Another coach wrote, “This is a really good time for him.”

Male Field Athlete of the Week
Griffon Jones, Spokane, Freshman

Meet: Spike Arlt Invitational
Event: Discus Mark: 151’ Event: SP Mark: 44’0

Coaches’ comments: Comments about athlete’s performance(s): Both were new PR’s (Discus-8’ PR, SP-1’ PR) and we are really impressed w/ Griffon as he played basketball and has only been out for a month. He is the new NWAACC leader in the Discus.

Female Track Athlete of the Week
Catherine Sims Mt. Hood Sophomore

Meet: Lewis & Clark Invitational
Event: 100m Hurdles Mark: 15.44
Event: 200m Mark: 25.42
Event: 400m Mark: 59.25
Event: Heptathlon (4/13-14) Mark: 3619 points
Event: 4x400m Relay (anchor leg) Mark: 4:04.24 (58.8-ish split)

Coaches’ comments: Catherine took about a second off of her hurdles time for the year; she won the 400m in the pioneer open with a good time; she competed well in the heptathlon earlier in the week; and she ran huge in the meet winning 4x400m Relay. Catherine is very versatile and is on the verge of improving her marks to the next level.

Another coach wrote, “She won both the 200 and 400 at the Lewis and Clark Invitational”.

Female Field Athlete of the Week
Dianne Chong, Southwestern Oregon, Freshman

Meet: Lewis & Clark Invitational
Event: Triple Jump Mark: 36’ 9 ½”

Coaches’ comments: Dianne broke our school record in the women’s Triple Jump by over a foot. She placed second in the event, just getting beat by 1 cm.

Another coach wrote, “Strong mark for NWAACC right now.”

NWAACC Track and Field Athletes of the Week #6

Male Track Athlete of the Week
Michael Vetter, Spokane, Freshman

Meet: Washington-Oregon (WAOR) 2
Event: 100 Mark: 11.03 Event: 200 Mark: 22.08

Coaches’ comment: First time running either event this year – took 2nd in the 100 and won the 200

Male Field Athlete of the Week
Seth Lindquist, Lane, Sophomore

Meet: Washington-Oregon (WAOR) 2
Event: Long Jump Mark: 21’10.25” 3rd
Event: Triple Jump Mark: 44’09” 3rd
Event High Jump Mark 6’04” 4th

Coaches’ comments: Juggled high jump and triple jump at the same time in cool/wet conditions – PR in LJ

Female Track Athlete of the Week
Terra Schumacher, Mt. Hood, Sophomore

Meet: Pacific NW Relays
Event: 100m Hurdles Mark: 15.14
Event: 4x100m Relay (3rd leg) Mark: 49.16
Event: Sprint Medley (100m leg) Mark: 1:50.15
Event: Pole Vault Mark: 12’0” (3.66m)

Coaches comments: Terra won the 100m hurdles with a very good time (15.14) for early April. Terra’s high school PR was a 15.32. She also ran legs on the winning 4x100m relay as well as the winning 800m sprint medley. To complete a great day for herself, she broke her own school record with a jump of 12’ in the pole vault and got 2nd overall in the event.

Female Field Athlete of the Week
Lacy Kennedy Mt. Hood Sophomore

Meet: Pacific NW Relays
Event: Javelin Mark: 141’8” (43.18m)
Event: Hammer Mark: 118’8” (36.16m)

Coaches’ comments: Lacy’s high school PR was a 118’ in the javelin. Last week she threw 131ish which was huge for her. This week, she won the javelin in the Pacific NW Relays with a throw of 141’8” (43.18m) which takes her up a level. She also set a new PR in the Hammer and finished 3rd for the competition.

Another coach wrote, “Awesome throw.”

Another coach wrote, “Lacy won the Javelin and placed 3rd in the Hammer Throw at the Pacific Northwest Relays.”

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