WCC: Face of Orcas athletic program retires

POSTED: Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009

After nearly doubling the number of athletic programs that Whatcom Community College offers during his six-year tenure as the school’s Director of Student Programs and Athletics, it would be safe to say Mike Langey is leaving the school’s athletic department much better than when he took over in 2003.

And with seven Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges division titles during his tenure and a new $1 million soccer field that is the envy of just about every other community college in the region on WCC’s campus, you could also say that Langey helped make the Orcas athletic program a lot stronger, as well.

Langey, who also oversaw the student programs, advised the WCC student government and taught a leadership class among other duties, announced that he is retiring from the post this summer, though he will continue in a part-time role until the school names his replacement.

“I’m just hoping to maybe work fewer hours, overall,” Langey said in a phone interview. “It’s a fun job. I really enjoyed all aspects of the position in student leadership and programs as well as athletics. It was a difficult decision for me to make.”

Now that he’s made the decision, Langey will be difficult to replace.

“What Mike brought to the athletic department was he was very supportive,” WCC men’s basketball coach and assistant athletic director Chris Scrimsher said in a phone interview. “The students came first with Mike, and it was great to have somebody who gave you such great support working in the athletic department. … For the past six years, he has been the face of athletics here at Whatcom.”

Scrimsher will take over Langey’s athletic duties as the new athletic coordinator, while the school is expected to hire a replacement for the student programs and leadership position.

“Mike is a person of high integrity,” Scrimsher said. “He is very meticulous. It gave me a great opportunity to work with and learn from somebody who was such a great role model. He was a great advocate for the student, and I think it says a lot that the athletic department doubled in size during his tenure.”

When Langey took the position a year after moving to Bellingham following a 30-year career in the Air Force, WCC’s athletic department consisted of men’s and women’s basketball teams and a volleyball program.

“One of my first projects when I got here was the construction of Orca Field,” Langey said of his role in getting the new soccer-only, artificial surface field built at WCC. “It was a lot of fun, because it was a big challenge.”

Construction on the field, which is also now home to the Western Washington University soccer programs and hosts numerous high school and community games, finished in the spring of 2005.

That fall the Orcas introduced a new men’s soccer program, which has since won four straight division titles. Three years later, WCC added a women’s program, which also started to see some success last fall.

WCC also started men’s and women’s cross country programs in 2007, but both programs were budgetary casualties after last fall.

“We just got stretched too tight budget-wise,” Langey said. “We would have loved to have kept those programs around.”

Fighting the recent economic climate that is taxing athletic programs at every level wasn’t the only battle Langey waged during his time at WCC, though.

“Another big challenge is continually communicating the high standards we have set to the rest of the college and community,” he said. “I believe that athletics can help students develop. It gives them a good work ethic and the ability to work as a team, as well as leadership and discipline, which translate into everything that they will do in their life.”

Langey said he was pleased with how the students and the athletic programs progressed during the past six years.

“I think we have a quality athletic program,” he said. “We evaluate the program on the three C’s – classroom, competition and community. Our student athletes have done very well as students. That’s the most important. In competition, we won more than our fair share of regional titles in different sports. And we always emphasize that our athletes are ambassadors of the school when they travel and when they are out in the community. I thought our athletes have done a very good job of representing our school in a positive light.”

Langey said that he would like to continue to teach at WCC part-time if the opportunity presents itself, and he and his wife plan to do a little more traveling. He also hopes to play a more golf, though he said, “I’m not very good at it, but I want to have the time to get a bit better.”

Even if the golf game doesn’t come around, he’ll have plenty of stories to tell about his success with the Orcas the past six years.

“I think my favorite memories are when athletic teams go further in NWAACC competition then we expected them to go or when they had a better season than we expected,” Langey said. “The ones that come to mind are the volleyball team finishing second in the NWAACC tournament two years ago or the men’s basketball team finishing fifth the last two years. It’s really rewarding to watch a team that maybe doesn’t have tremendous individual talent but meshes really well together.”

Reach David Rasbach at david.rasbach@bellinghamherald.com or 715-2271.

Source article: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/601/story/1025982.html

Clackamas Track & Field alum shine at next level

Six Clackamas alums enjoyed strong seasons in track & field and were recognized at the national level in 2009.

Becky Holliday placed 11th at the US National Track and Field Championships with a pole vault of 13’9.25″. Her recent vault of 14-11.5 on July 15 is her personal best and is fourth best in the 2009 USATF women’s rankings. Holliday holds records at the University of Oregon for the indoor and outdoor pole vault, national junior colleges and former NCAA Championships record holder. She was the 2003 NCAA National Champion and still holds the pole vault record at Clackamas.

Ryan Brandel made the USATF rankings with a throw of 224’3″ after working through a chronic back injury. Brandel is one of the top javelin throwers to go through the University of Oregon and was an All-American in 2007.

Andria Scheese had an incredible season at Concordia University-Portland this year. One of her biggest highlights was her third place finish at the NAIA National Outdoor Championships in the 1500 meters with a time of 4:34.25. Scheese has solidified herself in the record books at Concordia by earning school records in the indoor 5000 meters, indoor distance medley relay, outdoor 5000 meters, and outdoor 1500 meters. These were all accomplished while being a mother of three, wife, full-time manager of a nurse staffing company and being 32 years of age. Scheese never ran competitve distance running until she arrived at Clackamas.

Chris Dilley finished 2nd in the hammer throw and made the final in the discus throw at the NAIA Outdoor National Championships while competing for Eastern Oregon University. His throw of 205’ not only earned him All-American status but also broke the school record at Eastern. Quint Baxter, also a thrower for Eastern, qualified for the championships in the hammer and shot put.

Jeeni Schantin placed third at the NCAA Division II National Championships in the javelin with a throw of 153’11”. This was the third national championship meet Schantin has competed in. She was a competitor at the 2007 USATF National Championships placing 17th. Schantin was 4th last year at the NCAA Championships.

Restarting the fire Wilson’s goal for YVCC baseball

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Lane Athletes Place High at USATF Junior National Meet

Eugene, OR – Kevin Godfrey and Chris Stubbs both competed at the USATF Junior Nationals reccently, placing fourth in the decathlon and fifth in the 200 meter dash.

Junior Decathlon

Godfrey extended his season four weeks after the NWAACC Championships meet to compete with the best junior decathletes in the country. The junior decathlon competition concluded Friday, June 26 in at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. During the meet, held in conjunction with the senior USATF National Championships, Godfrey put up quality marks including clearing a bar of 15 feet 3/4 inches in the pole vault, a personal best javelin toss of 164 feet, a time of 15.30 seconds in the 110 hurdles, and a four minute 32 second effort in the 1500 meter run. Godfrey’s highest place in an event was tying for first in the pole vault with four other competitors. Godfrey scored 6790 points to again place fourth overall. The decathlon winner, recent high school graduate from New Mexico Curtis Beach, is regarded the greatest high school decathlete of all time scoring 7599 points in the competition. Godfrey looks to continue the strong tradition of multi athletes at Lane, which includes Olympians as alums, next year as a sophomore.

Junior 200

Stubbs nearly finished off his brilliant freshman year with a personal best in the 200, but came up just short running 21.26 seconds, only .01 off his best on Saturday, June 27 at Hayward Field. The NWAACC champion in the 100 and 200 was in a close battle heading to the finish line, the second place finisher was only .08 seconds ahead of Stubbs running 21.18. The winner, Keith Talley of Noth Texas University, ran 20.86 seconds. Stubbs, a local product of Eugene ran personal best in the 100 (10.66a), 200 (21.25a), and 400 (48.1a) on the year and was also part of the NWAACC champion 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 relay teams. Stubbs improved his times in the 200 by over .60 seconds and in the 400 by over a full second from one year ago. Stubbs will return to defend his NWAACC titles next year as a Titan.

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Former Clackamas AD, Chuck Hudson passed away at 80

http://depts.clackamas.edu/athletics/Images/Staff_Photos/Chuck_Hudson.jpgOregon City, Ore. — Clackamas Community College’s first Athletic Director, Chuck Hudson died Saturday, June 27 at the age of 80. Chuck served as Athletic Director at Clackamas from 1968 until 1986, when he retired.

In the beginning of Chuck’s tenure at CCC, he also served as the men’s basketball coach. At that time the only sports offered at CCC were men’s basketball, baseball, wrestling and men’s track & field.

During Chuck’s tenure, Clackamas went on to add nine more programs: football, men and women’s cross country, volleyball, men’s soccer, softball, women’s basketball, women’s track & field, men and women’s golf, and men and women’s tennis.

Chuck came to Clackamas CC with a strong background in athletics. He was a member of the 1950 Lewis & Clark hall of fame track & field team that posted an 11-0 dual meet record and captured the Northwest Conference Championship that year. He also guided the Ione High School football team to a state title in Oregon’s inaugural 8-man football championships (B-8) in 1960.

“He was also one of the nicest and cuddliest people anyone could ever meet,” says current VB coach Kathie Woods, of the AD that hired her at the college in 1983. “He was my second ‘Dad’ while he was at the college and I will miss him so much. I give a lot of credit to who I am today because of Chuck. He helped mold me as a young coach and for that I am very thankful.”

As his first and only secretary for 16 years, Lynn Vaught also expressed, “I will always remember him as an important part of my life. He was easy to work for and almost never lost his temper or got in a bad mood. He had a million stories, mostly about growing up in Combs Canyon near Pendleton, OR. He was instrumental in getting a lot of young people started in their careers.”

Chuck’s strong leadership at Clackamas CC led to his induction into the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) Hall of Fame in 1991.

The memorial service will be held at Oregon City High School (in the auditorium) on Thursday July 9 at 5pm. A reception will follow in the high school commons.

Chuck is preceded in death by his wife, Eileen, and is survived by his four children, Patti Rolen, Jim and Allen Hudson, and Joan Ferguson, their spouses, and ten grandchildren.

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2009 All-Pacific Association Division Team

Player of the Year: Brett Wallach Orange Coast Sophomore
Coach of the Year: Mark Yoshino Bellevue

First Team
Pitchers :
B.J. Salsbury Mt. San Jacinto Sophomore
Zach DeValle San Joaquin Delta Sophomore
Braden Tullis Skagit Valley Freshman
Relief Pitcher:
Casey Edelbrock Palomar Sophomore
Parker Berberet Cypress Sophomore
Joe Bonfe Sierra Sophomore
Tyler Saladino Palomar Sophomore
Ryan Aguayo Cuesta Sophomore
First Base:
Brett Wallach Orange Coast Sophomore
Taylor Ard Mt. Hood Freshman
Jake Eccles Santa Ana Sophomore
Darrell Ceciliani Columbia Basin Freshman
Jason Haugh Merced Sophomore

Second Team
Zach Gallagher Columbia Basin Sophomore
Christian Meza Santa Ana Freshman
Robert Alcala Fresno City Sophomore
Bobby Shore Palomar Sophomore
Relief Pitcher:
Zach Biehl Taft Sophomore
David Freitas Cosumnes River Sophomore
Garrett Weber Fresno City Sophomore
Eric Lane Lower Columbia Freshman
Drew Hillman Orange Coast Sophomore
First Base:
Ryan Giacomini Feather River Sophomore
Trevor Bloom Canyons Sophomore
Kyle Baskett Green River Sophomore
Ridge Carpenter Hartnell Sophomore
Jeff Johnson Ohlone Sophomore

Third Team
Marcus Pointer Skyline Sophomore
Cody Fassold Lower Columbia Sophomore
Joey Parsons Cuesta Sophomore
Relief Pitcher:
Ioa Hoff Ohlone Sophomore
Kyle Bible Solano Sophomore
Tyson Edwards Diablo Valley Sophomore
Bryan Barnes Bellevue Sophomore
Taylor Vail Cabrillo Sophomore
Garrett Rau Ventura Sophomore
First Base:
Lucas Shaw Bellevue Sophomore
Daniel Johnson Canada Freshman
Austin Stewart Chabot Sophomore
Virgil Hill L.A. Mission Sophomore
Corey Conflenti Diablo Valley Sophomore

Gold Gove Team
Pitcher: Taylor Hill Clackamas Freshman
Catcher: Anthony Jakosa Merced Sophomore
First Base: Justin Cooper Wenatchaee Valley Sophomore
Second Base: Taylor Heon Skyline Sophomore
Short Stop: Keith Jennette Sierra Sophomore
Third Base: James Frederick San Bernardino Sophomore
Outfield: Rick Hughes Marin Freshman
Outfield: Colin Bennett Tacoma Freshman
Outfield: Darrell Ceciliani Columbia Basin Freshman

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Crumb Named Head Coach Women’s Basketball at Peninsula

Ali Crumb

PORT ANGELES – Port Angeles’ Alison Crumb was named Peninsula’s new head women’s basketball coach today, following the resignation of Julie Stewart on June 2.

Crumb, a 2003 Port Angeles High School graduate, led the Pirates to the only Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges women’s conference championship in school history in 2005, playing for coach Stewart. She served as team captain that year and broke the school record for assists. She then went on to finish out her collegiate career at Western Oregon University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.

The former Roughrider and Pirate was reunited with coach Stewart as an assistant coach in 2008. She will take over the reigns as head coach, starting work immediately. In addition to coaching, Crumb will also teach part-time at Peninsula.

Stewart stepped down from the head coaching position for the second time in her career. She coached at Peninsula for two seasons, 2003-04 and 2004-05, and then came back for the 2008-09 season. She went 53-33 in her head coaching career at Peninsula, including two trips to the NWAACC basketball championships.

“I was not expecting Julie to step down this year and am, of course, disappointed to be losing her,” Director of Athletics Rick Ross said, “but I’m also confident that Ali will continue to offer our program the same quality of character, work ethic and positive spirit that Julie represented. Ali was a natural leader as a player and, as point guard, a ‘coach on the court.’ I believe that her experience as a player both here, and at Western Oregon, in addition to learning the coaching ropes from Julie, have prepared her to continue our winning tradition.”

Coach Crumb said she is very excited to have this opportunity and will continue to recruit the players coach Stewart was recruiting before she decided to step down.

“I am very excited about taking on this wonderful opportunity to coach young women in the sport that I love with great passion,” coach Crumb said. “It is going to be a lot of work for everyone involved to build from the success that the Pirates had last season and there are going to be a lot of new faces attached to the program, which is difficult and exciting at the same time.”

The 2008-09 Pirates graduated 10 sophomores, so coach Crumb will have her work cut out for her with a large freshman class. She said she plans to spend more time developing strength and speed, considering that freshman are usually behind sophomores in physical strength.

“There will be a great focus in the weight room and in conditioning in an efffort to get our young players ready for college play,” she said. “The program I want to run will literally run! I like a fast pace game. In-your-face man-to-man defense and run the basketball, getting everyone involved from the 5 to the 1. Hopefully if we prepare physically and mentally we will have an exciting team to watch next fall. Again I am very excited about coaching these young women as it was not too long ago I was wearing their shoes on the same court. I’m hoping they have the same quality experience and success that I had.”

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Several NWAACC Players Selected in MLB Draft

Vancouver, Wash – Over the past few days, Major League Baseball has been holding its annual draft, selecting players to move into the pro ranks. Several NWAACC players have been chosen.

Columbia Basin’s Darrell Ceciliani was the 134th pick by the New York Mets. Ceciliani was a centerfielder for the Hawks this past season and was selected to the Eastern Region First Team and All-NWAACC First Team. During the regular season, he was fourth in the NWAACC with 39 RBI.

Skagit Valley’s Braden Tullis was the 244th. Tullis was selected by the Texas Rangers. Tullis led the Carindals with eight wins this year, tied for second among NWAACC pitchers.

Belleuve’s Kirk Wetmore was the 335th pick by Cleveland Indians. Wetmore, a left handed pitcher for Bellevue, was named to the NWAACC All-Tournament team after helping the Bulldogs win the 2009 NWAACC Championship. He averaged 1.44 strikeouts per inning pitched during the regular season which led the NWAACC.

For the 454th selection, the Texas Rangers chose Everett’s Keith Campbell, a right handed pitcher. Campbell led the NWAACC in total number of strikeouts with 94 in 68 innings pitched. Campbell was selected to the North Regions First Team All-Stars.

The Tampa Bay Rays selected Chemeketa’s Zach Rosscup in the 859th slot. The left handed pitcher had a 1.60 ERA this season and was named to the Southern Region First Team.

2009 MLB Draft
134 – Darrell Ceciliani, Columbia Basin (NY Mets)
244 – Braden Tullis, Skagit Valley (Texas Rangers)
335 – Kirk Wetmore, Bellevue (Cleveland Indians)
454 – Keith Campbell, Everett (Texas Rangers)
859 – Zach Rosscup, Chemeketa (Tampa Bay Rays)
979 – Alex Besaw, Skagit Valley (Tampa Bay Rays)
1190 – Nicholas Struck, Mt Hood (Chicago Cubs)

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