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NWAC Boosters

CLUB 300

Club 300 was established in 2012 as the NWAC’s annual goal to get 300 people to donate as little as $35 to support the mission and direction of our association so that we can provide student-athletes a quality athletic and academic experience rooted in the principles of Character, Competition and Community. Every dollar contributed to the NWACC is one more dollar re-invested in our student-athletes and athletic programs.

This past year was a year in which the NWAC developed a strategic plan, and collectively moved the association in a direction that is rooted in excellence. Significant movement is at times slow, difficult, needs support, and must overcome obstacles.  But the movement must continue to keep keeping on!

Annually, we honor members of our 300 club by acknowledging their support below and in our tournament programs.

If you are a former or current staff member, a former or current participant, a fan or someone interested  in supporting the NWAC with a contribution, I encourage you to complete a statement of support and mail your contribution to our office.

Your support is greatly appreciated. I want to thank you in advance for your interest and support. We look forward to having you join our teams and welcome you to Club 300.


Marco Azurdia
Executive Director

2014-15 Boosters

Rick Adelman
Glenn and Maryanne Allard
Marilyn Anderson
Dr. Gerald Anhorn
Fred Andrew
Marco and Penny Azurdia
Bellevue Baseball Team
Bellevue Men's and Women's Basketball Team
Cassie Belmodis
Dale Bolinger
Daryle and Pat Broadsword
Terrance Brown
Ken Burrus
Steve Calhoun
Randy and Steve Carnell
Scott  Carpenter
Jack Carter
Columbia Basin Athletics
Columbia Basin Volleyball Team
Columbia Basin Women's Soccer Team
Columbia Basin Men's Soccer Team
Columbia Basin Women's Golf Team
Columbia Basin Men's Golf Team
Columbia Basin Women's Basketball Team
Columbia Basin Men's Basketball Team
Columbia Basin Softball Team
Columbia Basin Baseball Team
Ellwood Crosier
Ede Daniels
Jim and Debi Davidson
Jeff DuMont
Gary and Ruth  Earnest
Bill Faller
Don Farler
Dick Fitzgerald
James Ford
Marv Hiebert
Traci Hilligoss
Cheryl Holden
Trevor & Katherine Hoppe
Jim Jackson
Arlene and Barry Janusch

Tom & Suzanne Keegan
Keith Kingsbury
Candy Lacher
Dick Magruder
Mike Mahoney
Dick & Cheryl McClain
Tom McConnaughey
John Mellein
Carl and Lynda Meyers
Tom Moore, Mooreshots Direct, Inc.
Kathleen Murphy-Carey
Joan and Bill O'Connor
Don Parker
Cy Perkins
Darci Peterson
Lane Phillips
Mike Polis
Maury Ray
Aubrey Robertson
Scott and Beth Rogers
Jane Rosi-Pattison
Bob and Janet Rust
Don Schoening
Patty Scott
Dan Segel
Greg and Sharrie Ann Sheley
Marlene Sinko
Diane Smith
Duncan Stevenson
Kelly Sullivan
Jan Sweet
Tracy & Debbie Swisher
Gaydena Thompson
Paul Tikker
Roger Valentine
Ede Watson
Wenatchee Valley  Athletic Booster Club
Kathie Woods
Cheryl Yoder
Mark Yoshino
Harland and Kay Yriarte
In Honor of Sam Milich by his Son, Dan & Family

Updated 05/7/2015

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