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2009 Red Lion Scholarship Winners


Female Red Lion Scholarship Award
Camilla Medlock, Pierce
Cami played volleyball for Pierce College in 2007 and 2008, During her time there, she earned a 3.96 GPA. She has earned a NWAACC Academic Leadership Award. When done at Pierce, Medlock intends to attend the University of Washington at Tacoma and enter the Interdisciplinary and Arts and Sciences program. She plans to finish with a four degree in anthropology. Pierce Head Coach Paige Ellertson-Tisserand says “Cami has an extremely intellectual capacity to analyze multiple details in real time and react to them. She has left me with a lasting impression of determination, work ethic, academic prowess , and dedication.”

Male Red Lion Scholarship Award
Philip Noble, Treasure Valley
Philip competed in cross country and track for the Chukars in 2005-06 and 2008-09. He attained a 3.80 GPA while earning an AA degree. On the track, Noble won several individual events at this years NWAACC Track and Field Championships. He earned the Male High Point award. Phillip plans to attend Utah State University to study education and run track. His athletic goals include continual improvement and qualifying for the Olympics.

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