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2011 Volleyball All-Stars

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Most Valuable Player
Lisa Day, So, OH, Shoreline
Coach of the Year
Beth Donnelly, Olympic

First Team
Kaitie Brush, So , MB, Whatcom
Crystal Colo, So, OH, Olympic
Laura Friar, Fr, OH, Bellevue
Christine Jenson, So, S, Shoreline
Emily Jovanovich, So, OH, Whatcom
Hannah Stoeve, So, MB, Shoreline

Second Team
Michelle Cook, So, OH, Olympic
Krista Groves, Fr, S, Bellevue
Nina Holbrooks, So, S, Whatcom
Jazmyn Ray, Fr, MB, Shoreline
Kim Sustare, So, L, Olympic
Jalene Toy, Fr, OH, Edmonds

Co-Most Valuable Players

Hannah Bell, So, OH, Linn-Benton
Rylie Engelson, So, S/RS, Mt. Hood
Coach of the Year
Jayme Frazier, Linn-Benton

First Team
Devan Belshe, So, OH, Mt. Hood
Sam Bryan, So, L, Mt. Hood
Julianna Evola, So, S/RS, Linn-Benton
Mona Goudarzian, So, RS, Linn-Benton
Taylor Richardson, So, OH, Clackamas
Haylee Schaab, So, RS/OH, Clackamas

Second Team
Demi Belshe, So, MB, Mt. Hood
Jennifer Eiland, So, MB, Chemeketa
Jennifer Lakin, Fr, L, Umpqua
Alex Mateski, Fr, OH, SW Oregon
Kendhal Weiland, RS, Umpqua
Lacy Wood, So, OH, Linn-Benton

Most Valuable Player

Aurora Vasquez, So, OH, Highline    
Coach of the Year
Chris Littleman, Highline

First Team
Liza Domingo, So, L, Lower Columbia
Morgan Harris, So, MB, Clark
Taylor Johnson, Fr, S, Highline
Tusalava Kuaea, So, OH, Tacoma
Katelyn Nugent, So, MB, Green River
Jamie Wolph, So, OH ,Tacoma

Second Team
Heide Davis, So, OH, Clark
Natimia Doss, Fr, OH, Pierce
Haley Dunham, Fr, OH, Highline
Carmen LaFond, So, L, Clark
Shailah Ricketts, So, OH, Lower Columbia
Kelsi Tyler, So, RS, Lower Columbia
Rebekah Young, Fr, MB, Highline

Co-Most Valuable Players

Brittany Dominguez, So, MB, Walla Walla
Brigitte Lowe, So, OH, Spokane
Coach of the Year
Tim Toon, Walla Walla

First Team
Tori Farias, So, OH, Yakima Valley
Rebecca Kershner, So, MB, Blue Mountain
Joni Nagy, So, S, Spokane
Libby Kern, So, MB, Walla Walla
Kassi Howarth, Fr, OH, Blue Mountain
Danielle Najera, So, L, Yakima Valley

Second Team
Kayla Hanus, So, S, Walla Walla
Hillary Pulse, So, MB, Wentachee Valley
Kate Hart, Fr, MB, Spokane.
Lindsay Bronkhorst, So, DS, Spokane
Bailey Carlson, So, OH, Columbia Basin
Lacey Nauman, So, OH, Treasure Valley

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